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[New Poem] – I Am




I am

an opal:
colorful, fragmented       I am

a sucker for a swing set!
…a little high       I am

an artist witch,
with a black bear patronus       I am

an ally for alliteration
created to create!       I am

a poem-
lines of wonderment, light       I am

a romantic.
a braless goddess under the moon!       I am

a tornado-inspired dancer,
greeting the ocean, nude       I am

a solo train-traveller,
collecting dusk in summer       I am

an alleyway in Dubrovnik.
a synagogue in Tzfat.        I am

a dandelion-
-in my favorite front pocket

Mihaela Lina, December 2018

Inspiration Backstory & One Sweet FYI
A new poem inspired by a freewrite I did earlier this year. The mission of the writing assignment was to repeat ‘I am’ and fill the page with all that I embody. All that I love. All that I seek. And I double-downed on the assignment by challenging myself to write from the yellow-y core (solar plexus). Believing that what comes from there is real and honest.

FYI: I’ll be using my hebrew name (Mihaela Lina) moving forward as my pen name for my misc. writing!

With Love & two names,