Nutmeg & Whimsy

A place to be silly & sometimes serious.

  Customized for my lovely friend Jessica. A jar full of positive quotes with her two favorite boys on the outside. Malcolm & Jasper were a delight to draw.

A simple-style in the dark and preferred colors of the Bride-to-Be. During the Bridal Shower her friends wrote down date-ideas for her and her new beau. Favorite Jar Accessory: Mr. Spider (a wink to the Bride who loves these 8-legged creepies!)

Created for a co-worker and a friend who wore one of the most beautiful jade cicada necklace I’ve ever seen. And she brought silliness and generous amounts of coffee to my work day. Her jar is full of quotes about friendship, new adventures and being a bad-ass woman. Cicada drawn in pen and filled in …

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