Project Type: Custom-Made Cards

Otter’s For Birthday Love

Created for my mama’s birthday. I once told her that otters hold hands while they sleep so they won’t drift apart. Ever since she is all about that otter-love.

Drawn in ink and colored pencil.

Onward – Retirement Card


Specially made for my mom’s long-time boss who deservedly retired this year. My mom gave me full artistic-license. The only request: a duck! I’d never drawn a duck before! It was just as exciting as I imagined!

I included irises because they represent wisdom. I feel like this particular card really represents my “artistic style”. I had so much fun google-imaging ducks and then embracing the abstract and making the duck all my own!

Created using ink, colored pen, acrylic paint and colored pencil

Thank You Card

Every year my beautiful friend Christina converts her house into a Halloween palace. We fly up to her home in Sacramento and get dressed up and let our ghoulish selves free.

It only made sense to send her a Thank You card (she feeds me and provides me blankets and hugs and so much silly joy).

On the cover is her dog Riley (my favorite dog in the world).
I created Riles and his spooky ensemble using ink and colored pencil.