Project Type: Art

Praying to the Dung Beetle

Hand-made journal Fancy red paper as the cover Inside comprised of mixed media paper Cover prayer pulled from pinterest Dung beetle created using ink and white paint marker

“Rio Abajo Rio”

Rio Abajo RioΒ (River Beneath the River) 8x5in Acrylic on moleskin journal Inspired by the book “Women Who Run With Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“Beautiful (Still)”

Beautiful (Still) 11x13in Acrylic Click Here to Read the Story Behind This Piece


Reborn 11x13in Canvas & mixed media paper Ink & Color Pencil

“Bearded Lady”

Bearded Lady 9x12in Ink & Color Pencil Created for my brother & his girlfriend. The bearded lady (featured in her abstract glory) is their pup, Arlie.