Garden of Love – A Jar for Mom

I designed this jar and filled it with quotes for my mom. I used pen, colored pencil, color markers and acrylic paint.

The two cat beauties are Marge and Hazel (my mom’s new children). Each flower is significant and represents the people who love the heck out of her.

The poinsettia is the flower she put in her wedding bouquet when marrying Darren.
The other three flowers symbolize the birth months of each one of her children: Carnation (January) for the youngest, E-Money (aka Evan).  Violet (February) for the middle child, R-Dawg (aka Ryan). Cosmos (October) for the oldest and favorite, yours truly.

Lastly, the butterfly represent my grandma, her mom. Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 6.00.48 PM

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