A Cicada Farewell

Created for a co-worker and a friend who wore one of the most beautiful jade cicada necklace I’ve ever seen. And she brought silliness and generous amounts of coffee to my work day.

Her jar is full of quotes about friendship, new adventures and being a bad-ass woman.

Cicada drawn in pen and filled in with color pencil and marker. The poor guy had to be dissected in the process of securing him facing out from in the jar. Hands too big! Jar mouth to small! Paper fragile!

The paint covering the outside of the jar is watercolor…and I have no memory of making this purchase. Impulsive art buy? Sleep walker on aisle 5 of Michaels? Girl going crazy? Who knows! It worked and was a fun experiment!

Flecked with the finest gold. Thank you Ferrera Roche.

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