Day 21: My Girl, Emily Dickinson



⛰️ Need a break? Stare into your nearest koi pond.

They move softly, just below the water’s surface. Their bodies big and scales vibrant. They belong in children’s stories…enchanting and of another world.

Do you know the story of the koi fish who persevered and grew into a golden dragon?

⛰️ Here’s a little music for your soul:

⛰️ Word of the day:

(v.) running your fingers through your lover’s hair.

With love and fire phoenix red,

Day 20: Grapes


A two part daily challenge: Living with intention and balance.


  1. If you’re like me and love a worksheet, here is the GRAPES model:

Screen shot 2018-08-15 at 8.21.05 PM

2. Yoga with Adrienne: What a resource! Here is the 10 minute practice I referenced:

3. GoodReads is the social media spot for any book-lover. My username is MegPos and I would love to talk books!

With love and ocean blues,


Day 18: Self Care Project – Vision Board

Screen shot 2018-08-13 at 6.23.08 PM

Vision Board: A project (made increasingly more fun with friends and snacks) that helps physically ground your intentions for the upcoming year. How you wish to grow, what new endeavors (career/social/travel/art/etc…) you want to attempt…you get the picture!

With love & stringy hot glue gun nests,


Day 13: Grandmothers

Screen shot 2018-08-08 at 1.02.53 PM

Grandma Mac taught me how to swing a baseball bat. Grandma Dolly showed me how to unlock the magic of color on canvas. I love both of these women so much. I miss them everyday. It truly is a blessing to hold in my heart so many memories. They both gifted me with the most beautiful and fulfilling missions: to write something beautiful out of their stories.





With love and butterflies and fusia roses,

Day 11 & 12: Discovering Your Superpower(s)


Whether you are particularly spiritual…isn’t it nice to humor the idea that we each posess a “calling”? I like to call it our ‘superpower’.

Take for instance the photo of me just above.

My cape: an oversized t-shirt dress.
My weapon: Hair hair hair.
My signature: Bead socks- folded once.
My superpower: alliteration and silliness…or communication and creative problem solving.

With love & magic,

Day 10: The Land Between Bitter & Sweet


You’ve heard it before: Change is the only constant in life – gotcha, great…now may you explain the language of that land between bitter and sweet – this place I visit before any big change.



-Special THANK YOU for my boyfriend, Nick, who is riding this tide of change with me. He’s cut from a more logical cloth and helps me step out of my internal monologue. He also supports me by bringing me snacks and playing me songs ❤️

-The quote I shared at the end is from my beautiful friend Regina Breech. She posts live videos daily and her face and soul is SUNSHINE. Here is her info (provided with permission, of course) and I encourage you give her a listen or reach out!

Regina Breech
#: (805) 705-3445

With love & smooth transitions,