Putting the ‘Fun’ Back in Functional – Quarantine Approved

Remember that adult-shaped being from February 2020? The fully functioning human in jeans who complained about how the commute to work cut into their hobby time? Ah, yes. It’s time to forget that bish because the past is ashes and we’re about to rise bright and new.

At least to the extent of throwing ourselves into new quarantine-approved activities with the self-conscious abandon of an adult. I’ve taken the liberty of vetting the following five ways to rev up that beautiful brain and resuscitate that bangin’ soul.

Personal Growth: LinkedIn Learning
Cost: 1 month free trial / $29.99 per month (includes other LinkedIn Premium Features)

Unemployed, employed, interested in a new career direction – there is a world of skills to develop, hone or master.

LinkedIn Learning provides over sixteen thousand expert-led video courses. Enhance your creative skills or sharpen those business skills or pick up some software development skills. You get a skill and you get a skill!

Courses range from 5 minutes to over an hour. Here’s a fun way to break out a spiral notebook and a freshly sharpened Ticonderoga #2. Set a weekly goal to re-spark motivation. Remember the fist-pumping surge of accomplishing a task? Go after some personal and professional development!

Let’s see who collects the most skills in one month! No shame in the free trial game. It’s a creative solution to an otherwise boot-strapping problem for the unemployed.

Mental Health: Mask Up, But Make It Fashion
Cost: $4-$12 (I scored the pictured mask from Smith’s Grocery store for $5.99)

No one enjoys the smell of their own breath or discovering their dimples sweat. But when life gives you lemons you have a choice: cry about it or take those lemons, peel them, add some elastic and strut through Target like a functional AND fun fashionista.

In the words of Todrick Hall: “I don’t walk I strut, strut, strut and then sashay (okay)”

I purchased this sparkly number to wear while celebrating my cousin’s bridal shower. It cost far less social awkwardness than lipstick on the teeth. Bonus: children AND adults love a little razzle dazzle. Compliments, especially after bouts of isolation, breath life back into the soul.

Creative Expression & Education: Play @ Home: Virtual Workshops & Events
Cost: $0 – $40

Play @ Home is an online and interactive experience put on by Austin School of Film. Live, hands-on workshops, events and screenings led by artists, writers and filmmakers. Open to all levels of experience. A great way to expand your creative horizons. Learn screen-writing basics or dabble in the zine-publishing business. Got a niche? Let this non-profit and very accessible program scratch it!

Self-Care: Bubble Sheet Mask Meets Legs Up the Wall Pose
Cost: $3.99 for sheet mask / Yoga Pose is Free

Back in February, B.C. (Before COVID) I bragged about my ability to multi-task. I felt like a highly functioning circus poodle and paid no mind to my dwindling adult attention span. It’s a hard habit to kick. Which is why I started a weekly routine to both indulge the senses and regulate blood flow.

Set a timer for 10-15 minutes. Better yet: queue up a 10-15 minute meditation. Pop those legs up the wall and calm down that nervous system. Smooth Oh K! Korean Bubble Sheet Mask over your money maker. Close your eyes and multi-task like a luxurious boss.

Nourish & Nom: Matzo Bruschetta Delight
Cost: ~$17 for a week+ of snacking

After weeks of housing cheez-it crumbs, treat yourself to something fresh, fun and reasonably healthy.

Gently free one sheet of Matzo from the box. Treat the unleavened bread to a smooth smear of light babybel cheese spread. Now for a pop of color: drizzle on a happy portion of bruschetta. Take your taste buds to “ooooh, that hit’s different” town.

Check back for the next series of activities:

“To the Window! To the Wall! 5 Activities for Fall!”

With love & fashion,

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