Day 16-28

Thirteen days in quarantine.
Summarized in clips, claps and clusters:

Day 16 – 3/28/2020 – Saturday

Day 16_d

Parks officially close. Disappointment soothed with banana pancakes and constructive rest (An Alexander Technique).

Day 17 – 3/29/2020 – Sunday

Watch how one woman takes one box of mac and cheese and makes it into a two person meal with leftovers. How does she do it?! She adds extra cheese (what?!) and broccoli (ok!) and some sweet, sweet Tofurky-brand Italian Sausage (don’t hate!)

Day 18 – 3/30/2020 – Monday

Taking a walk at 7am feels good for the skin, the heart, the soul, the legs, the mind, the restless fervor that frets like a manic butterfly just below the breast bone.

Day 19 – 3/31/2020 – Tuesday

Remote work contract extends–
end of April
We step into the shit-storm
of Tiger King

Day 20 4/1/2020 – Wednesday

Watch how one man takes one Tasty Bite packet (Vegetable Korma, if you please) and makes it into a two person dinner that stirs the very soul. How does he do it?! He folds in a sweet potato (say what?!) and a handful of green beans (colorful!) and lays this savory blanket over a bed of rice (how nice!)

Day 21 – 4/2/2020 – Thursday

I suit up for the grocery run. Army-green jumpsuit, a sturdy pair of Toms and a bandana. The line bends around the outside of the store. Nothing else to do but practice smizing.

Day 21

I buckle up for the family zoom chat. Cousins collect on my screen. We invite our parents into the charming chaos. At first it’s just foreheads, chests, chins. We bring in our pets. Cats and dogs and even a bearded dragon.

I ramp up for the father phone call. Across the line we laugh. Listen and laugh even more. Languish over the state of the world. Laugh laugh laugh. Healing our hearts with the age old medicine of a good conversation.

Day 22 4/3/2020 – Friday

Watch how one cat takes one ordinary bedroom and turns it into an afternoon sunroom. How does he do it?! Simple. Find the sun and bask in it. Glowing goodness.

Day 234/4/2020 – Saturday

People in masks pass under the Quarantine tower window. Inside a tiger made of pink and green and purple and blue…dies under the iron.

Day 244/5/2020 – Sunday

Ladies who zoom together, stay together.

Day 24_a

Day 254/6/2020 – Monday

Outside, the weather grieves in windy grays. Inside, the artist searches for color. Finding one tube of green paint. Oh! And one tube of blue.

Day 264/7/20202 – Tuesday

Peeling potatoes. For lunch? For dinner? Who knows! Just keep peeling the potatoes.

Day 27 – 4/8/2020 – Wednesday

The record player sings “Caravan of Fools” as we honor John Prine. Rest in rhythm and peace.

Day 28 – 4/9/2020 – Thursday

The Marcus King Band fills the apartment and Nick removes the bedroom door from its hinges. The song “Everything” cheers the morning on and Nick balances the door atop two stereos.

He builds me a desk. He builds me a freaking desk.

The record finishes and Nick asks “what do you think?”
I think I’m the luckiest.

With love & leggings,
Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 6.00.48 PM



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