Day 14

Day 14

A rooster crows somewhere and my boyfriend leaves the bunker wearing a bandana over his mouth. Determination in his eyes. He sets out for the weekly collection of sustenance.

Mindless jaunts to the grocery store are over.

Now we devise a list. Now we take that list and categorize it (i.e. PRODUCE: banana babies, carrot cuties). Now we organize the categorized list (we’ve cased the place – enter store, turn left, start with the cookies).

Our mission: No double-backs. Avoid people. Move through the aisles quickly; but, with utmost care. Like a bank robber ballerina evading lasers.

A lawnmower starts up somewhere and I pace the bunker not wearing a bra at mid-day. Roasting chickpeas. Waiting and wringing. I look out the window like a woman anxiously awaiting the return of her lovers ship.




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