Day 12-13

Day 12

A day of high spirits:

My brother Ryan & his lovely girlfriend Della pick up a dog named Allan from the Humane Society. Joining the club of big-hearted people fostering animals as shelter after shelter shuts down. In times of distress, just remember there is a happy pup in Texas named Allan.

Day 13

11am and the internet dies. A true pin in the tire when working from home. Two contradicting emotions arise: elation and despair. A reason to procrastinate. A threat to job-security.

We leave our home offices for a long walk among the yellow flowers of our favorite park. Pops of color and the freshest of fresh air. The Tennis Courts are closed; however, The Wall stands strong. I retreat to my favorite reading chair: a tree stump with a seat-of-sorts carved into it. A perfect space to open Beloved and fall further entranced by the warm sugared-milk sweetness of every word.

The afternoon persists without internet. Leaving me with no choice but to scrounge around for my Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone DVD. The case is worn from use and travel. I bought this DVD with my Bat Mitzvah money at age 13. This movie pairs nicely with a creative project.

Day 13_a

The evening arrives and the internet is still MIA. Leaving us with no choice but to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This movie pairs well with a dinner pulled from the pages of a 5-year-olds recipe book. Fish sticks with lemon wedges and cucumber, tomatoes and hummus on the side.

The internet is missed less and less.

With love & yellow flowers,
Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 6.00.48 PM

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