Day 8

Day 8

Day 8_b

Guilt. I feel it in my bones as I find myself enjoying the silver-linings to this crisis.

“Homebody” is my element. I turned 30 and ‘wham!’ my vision board is covered with puzzles, wool socks and people walking alone among trees.

“Working from home” is my element. I’m an introvert with temperamental focus.

“Bra-less” is my element. I typically spend my blur of a morning grumbling about this boob-trap. I catch the bus and a heavy longing settles in my lap. What if I stayed on the bus forever? Just reading? By the time I get to work I’m slightly sweaty, overly hungry and my momentum deflated.

“Social Distancing” is my element. It’s nothing personal. I’m an uncomfortably empathetic person. I’m a people-pleaser hoping for recovery. Sometimes I get so lost in other people’s energy that I forget who I am. I thrive when in my own company.

“Working hard to play hard” is my element. I start my at-home work strong and by 9am I’m ready to learn how to draw the little-known ‘Potato Dog’.

The buildings in the school of engineering officially close and I settle into this temporary work routine.

I’m a lucky one. With reasonable job security and a role that is at-home ready. I live with a person and a cat that I adore. I’m safe and fed. I’m lucky and so grateful.

With love & silver-linings,
Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 6.00.48 PM

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