Word Play: Fascinating

Today is Thursday and the day for a word swap experiment. The word to swap out: annoying (and it’s variants like: frustrating or grueling or poo- having kind of a crap week – no pun intended…oh my gosh).

The word to swap in: Fascinating.

I walk towards my work building this morning with a metaphorical gray cloud over my head. No one sees it. Especially since I aptly distract with my clean curls and the Summer’s Best sun dress I chose to wear. Even I’m hoping to trick myself into believing I’m not on my period, bloated and ballooning out rapidly, ready to laugh, cry or bite at the next person I encounter.

Fortunately I encounter a neutral-territory ‘co-worker’. Someone who works on the same floor as me. But our duties never overlap and we can comfortably talk about exclusively the weather.

She fills me in about a construction process. To be honest I was already waning. Focusing on the sharp pangs of gas and anxiety. She mentioned that this massive microscope they were building into their lab didn’t fit as planned and they had to send this beast back to a specific guy in Germany. Alas! My imagination humored! Any time it revs up a bit at the otherwise mundane hour of 9am on a poopy Thursday…I’m stoked!

I want to know more about this guy in Germany who fixes Massive Microscopes. I bet he sleeps odd hours and eats sausage sandwiches by the water on his days off. Who knows! I’m just grateful I care to imagine!

I exclaim, in full honesty: How fascinating!

My building friend responds quickly, in full honesty: Everything is fascinating!

I decide, screw it! Let’s forget having a trash-day and shine some ju-ju on the instances of annoyance and call them ‘fascinating’. It’s all about mind tricks, people. It sounds like magic. Because it is! Word magic!

It helps when someone calls with a complaint. A totally different feeling situation when I think to myself: Fascinating! This conversation over the phone between two well-meaning people. If we both keep our tones even (which it sounds like we both are hoping to do) then the problem gets resolved and no hard feelings stick around post-call. Civility!


With love and everything sweet & salty,


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