Postivity Practice

Mornings, am I right?

The early hours are rough and especially when rushed. Just because you can get up and out of the house in 15 minutes doesn’t mean your heart and mind is going to be pleased.

I used to start my day in a full on sweat. My brow so furrowed. Now I spring from my bed like a splash of sunlight-

False. I’m a work in serious process.

Mornings catch us in a vulnerable state. Thankfully, we can prepare ourselves. We can steer ourselves mindfully into the day. Once such example is:

My a.m. routine begins the night before. I set out my outfit for the day. I pluck a folded note from my jar of positive bits and bobs. I tuck it into my pants pocket.

Next morning as I walk into work and the anxiety starts its itch- I unfold some positivity. A productive assignment for the mind.

Today’s read:

Spurning this realization: We can reach for our curiousity when slipping into comparing ourselves to others.

I am a program coordinator and a volunteer and a poet.
I am Sebastian’s protector and a big sister. A girlfriend, a gryffindor, a scorpio.

I am an optimist only because I practice.

The question “Who am I” mustn’t always through us into an existential crisis. Go on and give it a try. Be playful and fair.

You’re worth a bit of self-discovery.

With love & magic,


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