Let’s Talk About Stress, Bay-bee

Stress is usually uncomfortable, ill-timed and overwhelming. To better understand my relationship with stress, I reached for two of my staples:

An art project and a therapeutic worksheet!

Meet Stress, the frazzled creature that helps us survive and also brings us to our knees. A powerful little fella!


With the structure of a worksheet, I asked this buzzing thing made of short breaths and sweaty palms a pretty forward question:

What do you want?! 

And Stress answered, a bit exasperated and desperate:

To work in tandem with you, you crazy human! 

So a dialogue began and in this video I walk you through the worksheet. Each crazy human is unique and how they relate to stress varies! Have a listen and if you’re interested, the questions from the worksheet can be found just below the video!



Therapeutic Worksheet for Managing Stress

Understanding Stress
1. How can stress be helpful?

2. How can stress be harmful?

Understanding yourself
3. Identify/list your stressors/triggers (i.e. change in routine, loud places, family interactions…)

4. Identify/list your strengths and past experiences of positively responding to stress (i.e. I’m a creative problem solver and when something unexpected occurs I try to meet it with open-mindedness and curiousity)

Growing Yourself
5. Identify/list things about yourself (in relation to stress) you would like to change (i.e. I don’t want money and how best to manage it to intimidate me. So I should take a class or seek guidance on the subject and put into practice new spending habits. )

Be Well
6. Ask yourself: What am I like when I am feeling well? What do I feel? What characteristics of my personality stand out? How do I spend my day? (i.e. When I am well I feel inspired and content and my quirkiness shows and I enjoy the pace of the day).

7. Stress strikes unexpectedly. Having a daily maintenance plan for your physical, mental and emotional health can help you take the blow in stride. List activities you can practice daily (i.e. take meds & vitamins, get outside, dress with personal purpose…)

8. List what activities you can do on occassion to maintain wellness (i.e. Read a piece of spiritual literature, start a new hobby, go to the beach/mountains once a month…)

With love & a deep breath,

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