Day 30: Your wings already exist


Thank you for following me through this silly (and transformative) journey!

What’s next? More writing! And more talking! Except I’d like to talk WITH you vs. just AT you! Dare I say…a podcast? Whoa, whoa…I admire your excitement; however, let’s take it a step at a time!


Let’s get lingual: Butterfly Edition

  • Hebrew: (pronounced: far-far)
  • Spanish: mariposa
  • French: papillon (pæ-pee-yo n) – ‘a’ like in ‘cat’ and ‘n’ is kind of silent but not…because French. 
  • Italian: la farfalla
  • German: Schmetterling

A Song for You: 

“Video” by India Arie

With love & far-far wings,

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