An Insiders Guide to Spending a Sunday Successfully and Solo:


Start off the morning by sleeping-the-fuck-in. No alarm set. Allow yourself time to fully wake up before actually leaving the heaven-fortress that is a bed. Find all the cool spots on the fabric of your pillows and sheets. Marvel at the terribleness of your breath.

Welcome to the waking world! Your hair looks…great! Now it’s time for the best meal of the day. Breakfast. Sunday is not a day for ‘quick oats’ or ‘breakfast bars’. Sunday morning deserves the cracking of eggs, the sizzling of tofurkey-brand italian sausage, and the popping of the biscuit tin. Woo yourself. Hone the culinary prowess of a breakfast cheetah. Take your time. Add extra veggies to that scramble. Feeling a bit crazy? Sprinkle in some feta.

To bring the enjoyment factor up a notch: Play a classic episode of Parks and Rec in the background. Look at you, already having yourself a best day.

Stroll to your favorite coffee shop. Revel in some gratitude for the sun warming your skin in December. Because you live in San Diego! Oh look, you have $5 in your coin purse?! A break from the norm of loose change. Mainly loose pennies. Treat yourself to a latte, or a caramel thing that so many people enjoy. Splurge and get that extra shot of espresso. You’re worth it. Maybe break out the laptop and attempt a chapter at the great American novel. Or find a comfy spot on one of those chaise lounges all the cool coffee shops own. Relax. Indulge in one of the best past times: people-watching. So many bearded men. So many handsome dogs. Let the caffeine pour over your beautiful and introspective soul! Then it’s time to leave…because you had two shots of espresso and you probably need to poop.

Cover yourself in sunscreen (yes, even in December), grab a sandwich from Sprouts, and hop on the bus. Time for a good ole fashion adventure!

Adventure suggestions personally vetted by this insider:

  • Aimless walking tour through a park (if you live in SD, you best believe I’m referring to Balboa Park).
  • Aimless wandering through the zoo. Work on your balance alongside the flamingos. Absorb the majestic and playful nature of the elephants. To bring the enjoyment factor up a notch: grab a beer and spend an odd amount of time peering into the soul of an eagle.
  • Aimless rolling down some grassy knoll as you imagine yourself a hobbit…oh the possibilities of second breakfast.
  • Aimless perusing at the farmer’s market. Follow your nose to the flower booth. Discover your favorite flower.

Arrive home and take a steamy and luxurious shower. Wash away the dirt of a day well-spent in the company of the great outdoors. Play some music. Cover your bod with something lavender or vanilla. Mmmm…like lavender vanilla ice cream.

Light some candles and slip into something sexy. Like a pair of grandma-knitted socks…and nothing else. If you feel so compelled. Or cucoon yourself in that at-home-only outfit. You know, the pair of well-worn leggings and that un-shapely cardigan you purchased in the men’s section of Target.

The rest of the evening is open for more aimless activities. Anything to enrich your mind and cradle your heart. Some ideas:

  • Work on an art project while feeding your mild netflix addiction.
  • Allow yourself to feel a little lonely while splayed on your bed. But then catch sight of the neighborhood cat outside your window and smile. The cat-straction* reminds you that your Idris Elba is out there somewhere…it’s only a matter of time. [*Distraction brought on by the appearance of a cat or kitten. Especially a kitten.]
  • Brain storm dinner ideas. Distract yourself by giving in to the need to google-image various animals you recently discovered.
  • Put on Planet Earth and make some homemade pizza. The topping options are 100% in your control. That’s fucking freedom.

Turn on some tea lights and pour yourself some whiskey. Or red wine, or tea, or hot chocolate accompanied by a pillow-sized marshmallow. Maybe salute the homemade pizza by letting out a cute little belch.

The weekend is reaching its end; however, you know just what to do to ward off the blues. Pop in one of the Harry Potter DVD’s. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban to be exact. A classic. Just like you!

Fall sweetly asleep dreaming of that alpaca farm you hope to own with your husband. Sweet dreams, Mrs. Elba 😉

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